What did I do in Iceland?

I went on a 4 day trip to Iceland in mid October. I went by myself (by choice) and it was pretty nice. I spent a lot of time walking, taking pictures and just taking in all that Reykjavik had to show me.


The first evening I arrived in Iceland, we went straight to the hotel, got changed and headed off to the Blue Lagoon. The weather was ‘a bit Irish’ on arrival as the wind and rain was playing havoc. I had convinced myself that I wasn’t setting foot in any water and that I would just hide somewhere until we were leaving again. How glad I am that I didn’t stick to that stupid plan. It was the most surreal experience I have ever had. Just to set the scene. It was a freezing cold night, there were crazy winds and it was pitch-dark. Walking outside into that weather wasn’t ideal but once I stepped foot into the lagoon that is 38 degrees centigrade all year round, I was pleasantly surprised. It was the most amazing feeling in the world. Complete relaxation despite being beat in the face by the elements. I would recommend it to anyone. Although I couldn’t get any pictures due to the darkness and rain; It. Was. Fantastic.

The first morning I walked the length and breadth of the city. I’m not gonna lie, it would rob you blind there. Let’s just say you would want to have saved a good bit of dough if you planned to do any shopping. The shopping I did included a doughnut, a fridge magnet and a teeny-weeny puffin teddy. Wasn’t impressed with that side of things but then again, I wasn’t there to shop. We have Penneys for that.

I spent my second morning there with a beautiful horse at a place named ‘Solhestar’ who showed me some of outer Reykjavik. Being an animal lover, I was over the moon. I hadn’t ridden a horse in about 10 years so I was very keen to get back in the saddle! After that, I hopped on a tour bus to see many of the natural wonders of Iceland including the Strokkur geyser that erupts every 10 minutes or so. Unfortunately, because of the amount of clouds, I didn’t get to see the northern lights (sad face). The activity required for the lights to be visible happened to be very high the weekend I was there, however, the clouds were being d**ks and I couldn’t see a thing!



Major pro of Iceland; tap water is 100% consumable and 100% free. Up until a few years ago, shops in Iceland didn’t sell bottled water, however, because of tourists, they started to sell it. After finding out about the whole water ‘sitch-ee-ation’, I filled my bottle up from the tap in my hotel room and it was cold perfection!

I did go and see other things in Iceland but to be honest, it’s hard to make a waterfall sound exciting unless you see it for yourself. I will more than likely post more pics soon!

I’m starting to bore myself now so I’m gonna wrap this shizz up. I would 100% recommend Reykjavik to people as a place to visit IF you like sight-seeing and a quiet life. It really is a beautiful place but if you’re looking for a party destination and cheap thrills, Iceland is not the place for you! Would I go back? If I am ever rolling in the monies, then yes I would!

Enjoy the video, it’s perdy cool.


Author: Joanne Gibbons

Lover of animals, music, travel, food, gym & much more... Follow me to find out what I get up to! J.

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