15 things that might be worse than Monday

Written from a female’s perspective. Based on true events.



Getting to the bottom of a Cornetto to find little or no chocolate. *Heart breaks*



When you get home, open your takeaway food and find that they have put dirty, rotten ketchup on your burger… Or gotten your order wrong, but personally, I think the ketchup thing is way worse.



Accidentally plucking your skin with a tweezers instead of your eyebrow. It even brings tears to my eyes thinking about it now.



Waking up in the morning to find you forgot to switch on your phone charger before bed.



Shitty WiFi. It’s nearly worse than no WiFi at all.



When there’s no milk left for a cup a taé.



Finding crumbs in the butter. Among other things.



Reading a spoiler online before you’ve watched the show. People suck.



People who refuse to use their indicators. You would swear it was costing them something.



When you form an emotional connection to a character in your fave TV show and they have the nerve to go and die. B*stards.



Burning your tongue on the first bite of dinner and you can’t even taste the rest of it.



Stepping in a wet patch while you’re walking around in your socks. Might be water, then again, it might not.



Remembering that you haven’t brought your gift voucher with you to Penneys and you’re already up at the counter with 127 baskets of stuff.



Someone stepping on your new trainers. Like, are they actually for real?



When you meet someone and they say “Hey, any craic?” and you reply “Good”.

Why are words so hard?



Author: Joanne Gibbons

Lover of animals, music, travel, food, gym & much more... Follow me to find out what I get up to! J.

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